Donald Ray Children’s Furniture

Quality, Stylish and Comfortable

I aim to demonstrate the superior durability of my mats and children’s furniture in comparison to any other competitors in the current market. With a vast experience of 16.5 years at Ethan Allen, I have consistently applied the same level of quality and craftsmanship to both my furniture and mats as I did during my tenure at EA.

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With 23 years of experience in upholstering high-end furniture, I take pride in the craftsmanship. Take a moment to observe the substantial 3/16" thickness of the seams on these mats, surpassing any other mats currently on the market. The reason for this deliberate thickness is due to the inferior durability of mats sourced from other suppliers, particularly the blue and red mats covered in plastic material. As the proprietor of an early learning center catering to children, I am hesitant to invest funds in frequently replacing flimsy mats imported from China. In contrast, my mats can be measured and are built to withstand prolonged use without succumbing to wear and tear.

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